Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Product-Related Questions

1. What is SirenButton?

SirenButton is a unique and invaluable emergency alarm system that sends alerts to contacts, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main services and benefits of SirenButton include:
. Emergency alarms to contacts can be triggered either through the web, mobile, (App on IOS & Android) or through IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
. Instantly communicates with group contacts
. Works with landlines and mobile phones
. Send SMS & make voice calls in multiple languages, including Arabic & English

2. How do I start using SirenButton?

You can start using SirenButton in the following two ways:

Phone: Download the SirenButton app from the respective play store. Register yourself on www.SirenButton.com by clicking on “Register.” Once your details are verified, you can subscribe to the service based on your choice of price plan.
Web: Visit www.SirenButton.com and register yourself using your mobile number and email ID. Once your details are verified, you can subscribe to the service based on your choice of price plan.

3. How does SirenButton work? How can I configure and trigger alarms?

SirenButton works on both, mobile app and a web platform. You can configure alarms using the ‘Speed Dial’ panel with digits 0 to 9. Every digit on the ‘Speed Dial’ panel can be assigned to a unique group of contacts. You can trigger an alarm through:
. Web Platform
. Mobile App

We recommend you visit our "How It Works" section.

Technical-Related Questions

4. Who are authorized callers and how can they trigger emergency alarms?

Registered users can mark any contact(s) as an “Authorized caller” which allows them to trigger the alarm through the app. The registered user is the default authorized caller who can trigger the alarm through the web, app, and IVR.

5. How do I upload contacts to my account and can I add multiple numbers for a contact?

Yes, you can upload multiple contacts via .xlsv and .csv files. The app supports a maximum of 3 numbers per contact. Duplication of contact numbers is not allowed at the time of adding a contact. However, an individual can have different contact numbers. The app will call the alternate numbers, in case the primary number is unreachable.

6. How many authorized callers can I add?

Addition of authorized callers depends on the subscription plan. For more details, check the “Pricing” section.

7. Can we upload 3 mobile numbers against a contact in one go through .XSLx or .CSV file?

Yes. The web application will confirm when you upload a .XSLx or .CSV file.

8. Where can I see reports of all my triggered alarms?

You can view detailed reports under the “Reports” tab on the web application. On the mobile app, you can view reports for one month under the “Reports” section.

9. How many mobile numbers can be saved for a particular contact?

You can save a maximum of 3 mobile numbers for a contact: one mobile number has to be the designated as the “Primary number.”

10. How many re-trials are made if the primary contact has not answered the emergency call?

In total, you can try calling a single contact 8 times. If a primary contact has not answered for 3 times, the application will trigger a call to the alternate contacts for the next 5 times.

11. How can I check my subscription?

You can view your subscription under the “My Account-Pricing Plan” tab on the web application and under the “Settings” menu on the mobile app.

12. How do I cancel my SirenButton service?

Since this is a one-time subscription service, we do not offer a cancellation. Your service will be valid until the period mentioned. We do not offer a refund.

13. Will the SirenButton app work on an iPhone or Android mobile?

Currently, the SirenButton app works on Android enabled smartphones (versions: Kitkat and above versions) and iPhones (models: iPhone 5s and above).

14. How do I get technical support?

We have technical support available 24*7. Please feel free to call us to speak with one of our technicians in case of any issues. Call: (040-23120000).

Pricing-Related Questions

15. How does the pricing work?

No additional charges are levied for any alarm triggered through the web application or the mobile. However, the dial-out calls made to the emergency number are charged by the telecom operators. The charges vary according to the operator’s rates.

16. What are the different payment options?

You can pay for the SirenButton service through:
1. Cash deposit
2. Bank Account Transfers
3. Paypal
These payments can be made through the SMSCountry sales order module.

17. Do you offer refunds?

Since it is a one-time subscription model, we do not offer a refund.